Vision and Mission

What we Believe

The Divine Inspiration, Authority, Sufficiency and Inerrancy of the Bible.

We believe in God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, One God – three Persons.

The Virgin Birth, the Perfect Deity and the Perfect Humanity of the Lord Jesus Christ.

The fall of man, who was created pure and upright, but fell by voluntary transgression.

The justification of the sinner by Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ alone.

The Personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ to the earth for and with true believers in Him.

Death is not final. There is life after death and the dead will be raised either to life or condemnation.

Our Aims and Objectives

To provide facilities for flight clubs

To identify and encourage people with interests in flying

To provide flight logistic services that aid missionary agencies

To provide humanitarian flight logistic services

To provide aircrafts, club houses, runways etc

Embarking on aviation outreaches in urban and rural areas

Proclaiming the righteous standards of God