The medical mission was strategic and a true demonstration of God’s love by alleviating the suffering of several underprivileged men, women and children in Daddu community. Several of these people had both physical health and spiritual needs met through the acts of mercy shown to them through Angel Flight Club in collaboration with CBN Africa. Many of them were living with silent killer diseases such as hypertension, diabetes, hepatitis etc without knowing. While others with surgical challenges and had no means for surgery due to financial difficulty, but had this burden lifted up for free. This was quite amazing which was hard to believe by many of them. Spiritually, many were delighted, because they were not just attended to physically but were encouraged through counselling and prayers, while others encountered Jesus as Lord and Saviour. There were others who were battling with sight challenges and who could not read their Bibles. They went home with reading glasses with joy.

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The wife of the paramount ruler of Jaba Kingdom His Royal highness the Pop Ham who represented the Husband that was unavoidably absent during the opening, had this to say, this is the first time she was witnessing a programme of that magnitude. She has only seen such on television, but was glad to see such happening live in her domain. She was indeed convinced that Angel Flight Club has a definite mission for the lost. And this has just reminded her the early days of Sudan Interior Mission (SIM) in the land


A total of three thousand nine hundred and ninety six (3996) people benefited from these services;

Fifty (50) people benefited from general surgery,

Four (4) eye surgeries and forty (40) dental surgeries,

Two hundred and seventeen (217) received reading glasses,

Over 300 people were screened for Hepatitis, HIV, Diabetes and others laboratory investigation,

About 370 people prayed to receive Jesus Christ.

The breakdown of surgeries carried out included nine (9) appendixes, thirteen (13) children with congenital hernia. Others included a fibroid, seventeen (17) hernias, ten (10) hidrocael, lipoma, they were relieved from pains of several years as the result of these abnormality removed. A few cases which could not be handled were referred to Abuja courtesy of General Adeh Nuhu and Dr Dar for Surgery.


The three days medical mission made us to draw these observations

The people are physically and spiritually sick. The people are like other typical Nigerian communities of the middle Belt predominantly lost into drunkenness. The predominant diseases are Peptic Ulcer Diseases over (40%), High incidences of Hepatitis and Typhoid & malaria fever. Cases of Hypertension were quite high.

Indeed the entire community was glad that we were there, including those that douted and the Lord’s name has been glorified with so many lives touched.

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